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Thank you for visiting the SYP Co., Ltd. / SYP Patent & Law Firm website.

At SYP, we handle the domestic and international applications and registrations of patents/utility models/designs/trademarks, as well as trial and litigation cases. We provide total solutions related to intellectual property (IP) rights and various technology information services such as prior art search, standard patent creation, patent trend research, and R&D strategy establishment.

As a technology assessment agency, a specialized company for commercialization, and a technology trade institute designated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, we actively carry out IP utilization and support work to ensure the successful commercialization of intellectual property rights. This includes the discovery of good IP, domestic and foreign technology marketing, technology value assessment, business model (BM) development, commercialization strategy establishment, research institute establishment, follow-up management for technology transfer, establishment of business cooperation networks to promote technology commercialization, etc.

In addition, as a startup accelerator designated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, SYP not only discovers and invests in startup companies and talents, but also acts as a pump primer for startup incubation, financial investment, and public relations, offering practical start-up training and professional mentoring support so that budding startups may gain competitiveness.

We will do our best to ensure that our clients' valuable ideas are strongly protected by intellectual property rights as they are adopted and propagated throughout the industry.

Thank you.
Seongwook Hong & Kyungsik Shim, CEOs of SYP Co., Ltd.