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A tech matching space

between corporate demand and technology supply to promote public technology expansion and technology commercialization.

Promotion of promising technologies for commercialization


Receiving of technology transfer and joint research requests


Provision of technology commercialization related information

Existing technologies

Able to classify the good technologies of public research institutes by type, field, and status.

Detailed technical status and SMK download available for each specific technology.

Technology requests

Access the system and search for existing technologies. Users can make technology requests to further inquire about a technology or if a certain technology is required.

Requests for technology transfer and joint research are received through additional inquiries about each type of technology.


Promote effective events through pre-matching between technology and requests received through various on/offline promotion and applications from in-house events and related institutes.

Other functions

Creation of various communication channels to receive important announcements and inquiries.

Provision of a matching space where technology suppliers may freely connect with customers in a completely open format.