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SYP-Asia Berlin, South Korea-Germany promising start-up MoU to enter g…

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Name admin Views 82 Datetime 24-06-17 08:06

SYP announced on the 14th that it has signed a business agreement with Asia Berlin, a startup support unit under the Berlin State Department of Economy, Energy, and Business (Senatsverwaltung Fur Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe) on the 13th to cooperate in mutual global expansion of Korean-German startups.

The signing ceremony held at TIPS Town Tips Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, was attended by key officials, including representatives of SYP Hong Sung-wook and Shim Kyung-shik and Marten Rauschenberg, representative of Asia Berlin.

The signing ceremony was held at the "2024 Korea-EU Global Innovation Week Demo Day" event and has since held an investment IR involving six ultra-gap companies and five German startups. About 60 domestic and foreign investors and start-up support centers, including the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Korea Start-up Promotion Agency, the Berlin Partner, LEANOX, MTE, Start2Group, and IBB Ventures, attended the IR. Four Korean investment companies also participated in an exchange event in the venture investment sector between the two countries

Through the MOU, SYP, the organization responsible for attracting investment in the ultra-gap startup project (DIPS1000+), will continue to cooperate in various forms, including priority selection of Asia Berlin-specific programs for ultra-gap companies, holding a joint program for the Asia Berlin Summit, securing a bridgehead for startups in the innovation sector to enter the Korean-German market, global investment, and acceleration

"This partnership is an important opportunity for the start-up ecosystem of Korea and Germany to grow complementarily," said Hong Sung-wook, CEO of SYP. "We will do our best to help innovative start-ups in the two countries take a leap forward on the global stage through this business agreement."

Meanwhile, accelerator (AC) SYP is supporting 251 super-gap companies in four technology fields, including AI and big data, bio and health, eco-friendly and energy, and next-generation nuclear power plants, from 2024. The super-gap startup project (DIPS1000+), which began last year, is a project to foster as a global unicorn company by selecting and intensively supporting more than 1,000 excellent high-tech start-ups (start-ups) that will lead the future of the national economy in the top 10 new industries in the five years until 2027 jointly by the public and private sectors.