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Ko Sung-kyu, CEO of Jaein R&P, said, "I will develop natural anti…

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This is an article about Jaein R&P Co., Ltd., which SYP Co., Ltd. invests in and supports patents. 

"Development of a new combination of natural products based on 'Danggui Bohyel-tang', which has been proven to have anti-cancer efficacy in oriental medicine."

"First clinical approval for combination of Korea's No. 1 oral natural anticancer drug and cytotoxic anticancer drug" 

"Aiming to enter phase 2 clinical trials with Docetaxel within this year..."Bridge Investment Next Year, IPO Plan in 2026" 

"Most common anticancer drugs are artificially synthesized therapeutics that are easily toxic and resistant, but anticancer drugs made from natural substances are less toxic and less likely to develop resistance than those made from synthetic substances. Therefore, based on the "Danggui Bo-hyeol-tang," which has already been proven to have anticancer efficacy in oriental medicine, we made a new natural anticancer drug "SH003" using a new combination of herbal medicines, and we started a business after obtaining clinical approval." 

In a recent interview with Hit News, Jae-R&P CEO Ko Sung-kyu said this. Jaein R&P, Korea's first oral natural anticancer drug developer, was established in April 2017. "Jaein in the mission of Jaein R&P is derived from Jaein, which means to think of patients with compassion," CEO Ko said. "Treating patients and relieving pain is a mission as a doctor, and the goal is to prolong life for metastatic cancer patients." 

CEO Ko Sung-kyu is the owner of a unique history with two doctorates, a doctor of Korean oriental medicine (MD) and a doctor of medicine (Ph.D). He is currently a professor at Kyung Hee University's College of Oriental Medicine and a specialist in oriental medicine at Kyung Hee University, and has experience as an exchange professor at the Seoul National University Cancer Research Center and Clinical Trial Center.

While caring for cancer patients at the hospital, CEO Ko saw them suffer greatly, and obtained a doctorate in molecular biology and tumor biology, which are essential for new drug development, during the training course of Seoul National University's clinical trial center and cancer research center. After that, he moved to his alma mater, Kyung Hee University, where he was conducting research using natural products, and he was invited to work as a professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Texas State University in the U.S. and began anticancer research in earnest.

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Source: Hit News ( http://www.hitnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=48015 )