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Sema Investment Scale-Up TIPS Consortium (SMART KINGS) "Hosts Sta…

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Name admin Views 823 Datetime 23-11-24 19:11

On Thursday, Nov. 16, Song Jin-ho, vice president of Magna Investment, the operator of Sema Investment Scale-Up Tips Consortium, gave a lecture on the theme of "Startup Investment Attracting Strategy" on the first basement floor of the TIPS Town UNICORN building. 

The event was organized by Sema Investment, Magna Investment, K2 Investment, SYP, and GDIN, which were designated as the operators of the 4th consortium of Scale-Up TIPS by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and representatives and officials from about 30 start-ups including Erison Pharmaceutical, Yepbio, Crescom, Gajago, and Lulu Yogert attended. 

In the lecture, Song talked about the growth cycle of startups, ecosystems, investment strategies, business feasibility analysis, and Krafton's success stories. Krafton's journey from its founding to the present has overcome its initial difficulties and challenges, leading to successful projects such as "Battlegrounds," and has been introduced as an example of the growth and challenges of startups. Specifically, it also suggested why and when investment is needed, the selection of appropriate investors, and strategies for alternatives and follow-up measures in case investment does not continue. He also emphasized the importance of business analysis, which objectively determines the success potential of planned products and provides investors and business entities with the information they need.

In the second half of the event, there was a casual Q&A session where Vice President Song Jin-ho directly asked questions and answered questions about attracting investment, and active exchanges between representatives working in various fields continued. 

Finally, the event ended successfully by introducing the [UNICORN BRIDGE LOUNGE] community, which is operated by SYP Co., Ltd. to provide various information to startups and to develop practical collaboration.