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Japan's B2B sales support service company Sales Marker visits SYP head…

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Name admin Views 109 Datetime 24-03-25 14:39

On the 4th, Sales Marker (CEO Ogasawara Hakyo), a Japanese innovative B2B sales support service company, visited SYP headquarters Unicorn Bridge. 

The event had an extensive discussion about how Sales Marker's AI-powered customer matching technology and SYP's deep-tech-based accelerator capabilities could work together. Sales Marker shared various examples and success stories about how its technology could revolutionize businesses' sales activities. 

Based on their deep understanding and support for companies seeking to enter the Japanese market, SYP sought ways to effectively utilize Sales Marker's technology and services in Japan. The meeting between the two companies was an important moment to explore the possibility of building complementary partnerships in future technological innovation and strategies to enter the global market, beyond just business opportunities. 

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■ Major cooperation contents 

○ AI-Based Customer Matching: Leveraging Sales Marker's advanced AI technology, it enables SYP-managed deep-tech startups to identify the exact customer base that needs their products and services, and to formulate efficient market access strategies
○ Technological Innovation and Interaction: Develop joint projects that create new market opportunities and promote technological innovation through collaboration between the two companies' technology teams
○ Support strategy for entering the Japanese market: Building a strategic partnership that can effectively enter the Japanese market by connecting with Sales Marker's customer base in Japan using SYP's deep-tech-based accelerator network
○ Customized Sales Support: Provides Sales Support Services from Sales Marker to SYP portfolio companies to help them expand their business successfully in the Japanese market 

With this meeting, the two companies plan to continue their joint efforts for technological innovation and business growth in the global market by establishing a future-oriented and sustainable partnership.